Micro 4/3 as bike trip camera?

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Re: Micro 4/3 usd yesterday on a bike ride.

Cass Gilbert's blog really is worth looking at: http://whileoutriding.com/kit/ shows the photo gear he's carrying. Some great photos throughout, and he's a nice guy too!

This one is also worth a look: http://www.gnatlikes.com/

FWIW, I think there are three basic choices for kit:

1. Small camera which lives in a front pocket, attached by a neck strap. I used to use an Olympus XA (film) which had a sliding lens cover as the on/off switch; very small and convenient to use. Nowadays the equivalent might be one of the Lumix weatherproof cameras, etc.

2. Larger compact camera with more controls like a G12, LX-5, XZ-1, etc. Still just pocketable, and easily fits in even a tiny bar bag.

3. Something bigger with interchangeable lenses, more controls again - and a bigger bag. When you get to this point the photography starts to compete with the cycling and can become disruptive to the latter, but it depends on why you're out there.

I haven't yet decided how much I'll be taking the M43 stuff on trips, especially skiiing. The GX-8 is still a lot smaller and wading through menus is no worse than with the E-PL1. Make sure you try whatever you're considering before you buy it - some of the control UIs are pretty hard to navigate.

Have fun...

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