Archive to DVD still smart?

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Re: Archive to DVD still smart?

The biggest problem for me with DVDs is that they're just too small. My current solution is to keep everything online on one disk (currently 400G of photos on a 1T disk). I back that up to two different drives: a 1T on another (networked) machine daily, and an external 1T drive monthly.

When the 1T drives are two small, I'll replace them by 2T drives. And when they're too small... well, if the size of hard drives increases at least as fast as the size of my photo library, I shouldn't have a problem!

This also deals with lifetime issues of the hard drives: it means I replace the drives every few years, so copy everything to new drives. So long as hard drive lifetime is 5 years or more and failure rate before that is relatively low (and given that I keep three copies) then the chance of data loss through random failure or drives wearing out is fairly low. I think. I hope

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