Archive to DVD still smart?

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Re: Archive to DVD still smart?

Not sure, but I'll take a punt.

I've read somewhere that DVDs should be re-burnt (ie copied) every 5 years or so as the dyes fade over time and you can lose the data on them.

The cost of external drives is now approaching the cost of quality DVD-Rs representing the same data capacity, with the convenience of having the equivalent of 100's of them taking up much less physical storage space and the ability to store as much or as little data per writing session as you want.

No idea what the 'lifespan' of a drive is in storage. Won't be indefinite though, because connection methods (USB etc) and operating systems keep changing. So I guess you'd need to 'refresh' them periodically too.

At this point I'd go for multiple external drives.

Also worth remembering that for archival purposes, you probably still can't beat a quality print stored in optimum conditions. As long as there is light and you have eyes you will have the means to 'read the file'. Then you're back to high storage costs per file, and now we all take a zillion photos...

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