"Starting with new Forum" . Some of Mine !

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"Starting with new Forum" . Some of Mine !

Hi at All !
First ! Please to meet You !

After, just a few points on what you are going to see if you had clic on my Post !
Theses Shots have been Taken in Raw . Devellop with ACR (Cs5).
Prepare my File with a very soft treatment...B/W Conversion in SEP 2 !
And i finish all that with Cs5 !
Many Thanks for looking !
PS: May you clic on the original file for a better visuel impression !
C&C are welcome ofcourse !

1: I catch You !

2: Follow the Sign !

3: Walking Alone With My Shadow !

4: Alone with my Book !

5: Leave the Subway with Break dance !

6: Oxygen !

7: Taking a bit of Fresh air !

8: Elvis is Back ( hope not for the Jailhouse )

9: They are so Kind...

10: Shape & texture...And Light !

11: The Bench and the Chair !

And 3 Last for the Road !
12: C. A Portrait !

13: Youg sweet Gangsta !

14: The Roc !

And Now ...Me in my Best Suit ! LOL

It was a bit long ! Sorry, but if we are on this forum it is for Sharing our Passion !
Of course, you could not like this presentation and theses pictures !
BTW, i will be very glad to read some of your reactions or Questions !

Many thanks again !


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