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Forums are driven by traffic

Personally, I feel one forum for all M4/3 products is the best solution. This is a product that may have appeal to BOTH Panasonic and Olympus users (as well as any other brand DSLR or compact camera) and having only one forum comfortably sitting between "Olympus" and "Panasonic" on the forum list, seems to make a lot of sense.

The only way Dpr might justify splitting the forum by brand, might be if the traffic became so heavy that it became unwieldy.

For example, there is only one forum for Samsung, Ricoh and Leica, even though both companies make ILCs and compact cameras.

Fuji, Kodak, Olympus and Pentax have two forums. One for SLRs, and one for compact P&S cameras.

Sony has three forums. One for each of the above, plus one for NEX.

Nikon and Canon have five forums each... for each class of camera, plus for their lenses.

As a general practice, a separate forum is only needed when the lens mounts are incompatible. Leica and Panasonic 4/3 users have always been welcomed in the Olympus 4/3 forum, and had their been more Leica and Panasonic models, or more manufacturers making 4/3 bodies, then the odds are the forum would have eventually been renamed as "Four Thirds Talk" eliminating all brand designations.
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