Photographers liberty great article.

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Re: Photographers liberty great article.

I can understand the point of view of the security services wanting to know whats going on. It's their job to know, just as it is their job to protect the interests of their clients. Given the extent of terrorism endemic in some countries that's not an unreasonable position for them to take.

Asking you to stop filming or taking photos in what is clearly a public place however is not their concern. They may not like it but the law is there to protect the rights of private individuals to go about their business in an manner that causes no harm.

Many people feel that their right to privacy is being impinged upon, however if you are in a public area as are many others, it is the right of all individuals to be able to undertake whatever,business or recreation they enjoy. As long as this brings no harm to others then there is no problem Yes many people feel that the photographer taking pictures of children at play is impinging on their right to privacy. It isn't but it may be interpreted as such. When in a public space that's exactly what we are doing, being public, displaying our actions publicly. Some do so circumspectly, whilst other are being expressionistic. Still others may just observe the comings and goings.

To think that everyone taking pictures is a pervert, terrorist or a paparazzi wannabe is illogical, yet people still react this way when they see a camera in public pointed at them or in the general direction thereof.

People tend to forget, and the UK is, according to one particular BBC doco, the world leader in clandestine photography, that everyday you are in public you are being watched, observed and scrutinized. Every bank, gas station, burger-bar, pub, club, taxi is likely to carry a camera and snap a pic of you, sometimes in situations you would rather not be made public.

If I'm in public I'll take photos of whatever and whomever I want. What I dont do is sell these pictures or publish images that may be detrimental to the individual. If someone takes a photo of me while I'm taking a photo then that's kool, but my portrait has been known to kill cameras

For those of us lucky to live in a country where one is able to pursue ones interests that's good. Unfortunately there are still a good percentage of places where to do so could land you in a world of hurt, so being careful about your own circumstances is important.

Sadly we seem to live in a less tolerant world than we did 50 years ago, perhaps our vaunted technology and improved lifestyle is coming at a far greater cost than we may think. Thoughts anyone?

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