thinking about getting a D200 advice please

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Re: thinking about getting a D200 advice please

The nikon f series are the pro models of the film cameras.
F f2 f3 f4 f5 and f6

I just got an f3 with the motor drive for $275(you can get one for less but I wanted the motor drive too)

The F100 is a really good nikon film camera and I have had my eye on it and the prices are sweet. I have seen good f100's go for $150.

The best deal I got was the Nikon N90s(a great prosumer camera). I got a N90s in mint condition for $71 dollars on ebay($10 of which was shipping). It is a really sweet film camera and for that price it is pretty much free. You might want to check out some of these deals on film cameras. But then you said you had a film camera?

There are deals to be had. The film bodies are the biggest score right now. I plan on taking advantage of that fact and getting some of the classic nikon bodies. As long as they are that cheap, it is hard to not become a collector:)

Keep your eye on the d200 though, you might be surprised if you can win one on auction for cheap. If you were really needing it, try to nail a f100 for $150 bucks!!

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