Apple Dumps the Pro

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Apple Dumps the Pro

I'm beginning to worry about Apple, and I'll explain why.

Apple's decisions of late have been a little disquieting. On their own none are big news, but combined they just make me nervous about the direction of the company from a professional photographer's perspective.
One by one:

Cinema Displays: Gone. I am not one to complain, but I need to be in a dimly lit room to avoid seeing my face in dark areas of my photos on this glossy screen. The once highly coveted Cinema Displays are history, replaced with one 27" model - with no option for matte screen.

Final Cut X: This should make pro shooters worry. Very strange to watch Avid and Adobe gleefully welcoming angry FCP users by the thousand thanks to a mind-boggling decision by Apple to cut out pro features from their pro app. Don't think it's a big deal? What would you do if Adobe announced Lightroom and Photoshop CS6 with no Raw support? And pulled CS5 from the shelves?

Who is Apple going after with a $79 Aperture? Pros? Is Aperture one update away from a FCPXing? Will we even see v.4??

Xserve: Again, with no warning Apple just gave business users a reason not to trust Apple. I imagine quite a few IT guys with egg on their faces explaining why the rug just got pulled out from under their upgrade plans. Not even Apple is using Apple gear in their server farms.

Lion: Nice new gestures aside, Lion is an odd mix. As a pro I cannot allow my OS to decide when to save or not to save. Nor do I want it to quit apps I have running when it feels like it. What next after Lion? Will OS X 10.8 be just a version of iOS 6?

These are the top items, there are other more subtle signs that have me concerned.

With all this in mind, I have postulated a theoretic timeline - from 2000 to 2013:

Apple courts the pros.

The pros buy the high end Apple gear, promote Apple to their friends and generally give Apple the air of exclusivity.

The iPhone/iPad a hit, Apple moves into the mobile consumer market and essentially dumps the pro.

The 'pro mystique' gone, pros start to wonder why they pay so much for a setup Windows users can get into for far less. Mac Pro sales tank.
Micros* t reads the tea leaves and works on W8 with pros in mind.
Pros slowly start to migrate to Windows.

Both companies make tons of money, but Apple increasingly puts Mac OS on hold (already has) to focus on iOS while Micros* t finally gets a clue and courts the pro. Not only that but Apple iOSifies OS X (already has) making it more consumer friendly, (leaving the pro essentially where?).

Pros start to buy high end PCs and Adobe goes back to delaying releases of Mac versions…
The circle is complete.

Your thoughtful opinions and comments are welcome from pros.
Am I just nuts or onto something?

(Keep in mind that I was one of the very few who bought the book The Coming Economic Earthquake by Larry Burkett --- in 1992.)

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