Michael Reichmann explains the SD1 price...

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Re: ...is this guy still working for Sigma ?...

Truman Prevatt wrote:

When you own the majority of the stock - you are he head MIFWC. When it is a privately owned company and you own the majority of the stock - you do what you want. Who knows the reason - it is his company and he can set the price where he wants.

Still, any company wants profit...more, not less, unless you are an eccentric fellow...and in the end, even if he owns the company, after making the camera avaiable for selling, he and the camera can be criticised...

If you don't want to buy that is your choice.

Of course, that's pretty obvious...and i do have the right to think that someone who buys a camera that could cost 2000 for 7000 is making a very bad choice, specially comparing the other options at the same price....i would feel like a fool paying 7000 and then discovering the cameras price could easily be 2000-3000...but hey, i do value the money i earn...

worldcup1982 wrote:

FritsThomsen wrote:

worldcup1982 wrote:

I fail to understand how amateur a company can be...one guy? this shows how much Sigma is behind the competition...not just product wise, even executives are worse than others...the guy didn't know sigma doesnt even have lenses to support the new camera? is this guy still working for Sigma?....

He he .. Yes !! He owns it

Ouch..then he must fire himself...lol...

No doubt Mr.Reichmann is refering to none other than the owner and founder

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