S200EXR macros part 2

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Re: I see you already answered

buckshot wrote:

buckshot wrote:

... care to give us some detail? Did you use a diopter? How did you process these?

how on gods green earth do you get the wee beasties to stay still long enough. I find if i go within 10 feet of anything it moves like the wind..

The answer is a cloudy and cold weather

You must be both a very patient and also a very lucky person. Unless you took these in an insect zoo or something...

All of them I took in my parents' garden.

Now if you tell me that these are not postprocessed in any way, then you will make me sad cause I ordered an HS20 last week instead of the S200!

Only cropped and added a bit of sharpness in gimp

Is there any external flash used or just the built in flash?

Yes, I used external Tumax flash with a diy diffuser

That's some heavy lifting when you have to answer your own question or other's questions to the OP.

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