NX200 rumor at xrumor

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Re: NX200 rumor at xrumor

sensibill wrote:

It's Korean ad copy, I wouldn't read any lack of new sensor performance into that. I think better IQ is a given at this point.

September isn't that far off, looks like they're wanting to make a splash at the show and generate some buzz, which may well be what they were intending to do all along. After all, it's all been rumor up till now and US chain stores like Best Buy have only been carrying the NX100 for a few months.

All Samsung NX derivitives have been very slow to circulate. Seems more a production, warehousing, distribution problem. Maybe their production line is relatively small and they rotate orders to various countries. Hence it was months before an EX100 appeared in Australia. The NX10 appeared after a while and promply disappeared again and I have yet to clap eyes on a NX11. I did see NX100's but only after a significant delay after those in other lands reported buying them.

So even when the NX2* derivatives do get announced unless Samsung ramp up their production and distribution it may be quite a while before many can actually acquire one.

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