Which adapter for Nikon Series-E lenses? And other ?s.

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Re: Which adapter for Nikon Series-E lenses? And other ?s.

BobT wrote:

I got the E-P1 last Tuesday or Wednesday. No E-PL1.

Do you know of an alternate Insrtuction Manual for the E-P1. The "official" book seems not all that great to me, and I hate to keep coming to these forums for every little question that might better be answered by simply looking it up in a (well written) manual.
Someone mentioned a Ken Rockwell. Is that a book author?

Is there some on-line manual that might be more well written that the Oly book?

Ken Rockwell runs his own site about photography and other things:

Ken considers himself to be "the Forrest Gump of photography". Make of that what you will. Some hate him, some love him.

I got this link from Guy Parsons' page:

A downloaded manual may help a little, since you can search it easier. I don't know of any aftermarket books specific to the E-P1. There's E-PL1 for Dummies , which may be of some value. Guy has also suggested looking at later Olympus manuals, as they seem better written, so you might try the E-P3 manual to see if it helps you understand some of the concepts for the E-P1.

The E-P1 has been out long enough that many answers can probably be found by searching this forum or Googling. I'm not sure why DPR's search tool works like this, but I get far better results when using the Advanced Search page than the Search box at the upper-right of every page, even with identical queries.

What PENs have you owned to date?

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