Gold DVD Question

Started Jul 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
Robert Hoy Senior Member • Posts: 1,572
Re: Gold DVD Question

MrScary wrote:

I switched to HDD 1GB & 2GB HDD instead.

Did you mean TB (terabyte)? 1 GB hard drive is pretty small in today's world.

I find that storeing RAw and JPG files on DVD are ok, but my Tiff files take hours to show the thumbnails and I got two Desktops and a laptop and it's the same on all three. In fact, opening showing very large Tiff thumbnails take ages on any PC I've tried it on. So HDD for me.

I find loading thumbnails of TIFF files even from a hard drive take a bit too. Solution: store a web sized JPG along with your TIFF (or just highest quality JPG instead of TIFF) so you get thumbnails quick to see what is there.

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