thinking about getting a D200 advice please

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Re: thinking about getting a D200 advice please

Awesome camera. I own two of them. Love it so much I had to buy another one. It is a wonderful camera with very professional ability. The feel of the camera is perfect and the way the buttons and settings are set up are very very well done. I would get a d200 now and in a couple years, you will be able to grab a d300 or 300s for way cheap, because by that time the new camera models will be out and the price of the d300/300s series will crash. The day the new d400(or whatever it will be called) comes out, people will still want a high price for their d300 series cameras. Give it a couple years and those too will be great deals. I also have to disagree with the post about getting a used d200 for $275-$350ish. Maybe broken. Certainly not in mint condition and with low shutter actuations. $450 can get you a d200 in good condition. $550-600 will get you a perfect one. I got a mint d200 with the battery grip with 980 shutter actuations(yes, less than a 1,000) for $625 in January of this year. And I got my second d200 with 1,980 shutter clicks for $500 in March. Both on ebay(which i recommend). Take the time to look and look for low(under 10,000 shutter actuations) and make sure that you can see good photos of the camera. Both of my cameras were from professional landscape photographers(and they were their backup cameras). Avoid at all cost a camera that the person does not know anything about it. Get a camera that you can tell the person has owned it and loved it and ask questions too. I would avoid at all cost buying a camera from a wedding photographer. Good chance they have racked up a ton of shutter clicks. One good looking d200(on the outside) was going for $500 and I asked how many shutter clicks and the guy responded 85,000. I passed on that one. I have had great happiness with the two d200 bodies I own. I love them. They are killer cameras. I shoot landscape and flower portrait/macro photography. The d200 takes beautiful photos. For the price, it is hard to beat. Down the road, the d300 series will also drop but I don't think that will happen now. A couple more years and a few more 'new cameras' and the d300s will also be $500-600 ish. I am willing to wait for the sweet deal on the camera body. Gives you more money to invest in nice glass!!

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