Epson 4900 Serious Defect-Going on 3rd Printer!!

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Epson 4900 Serious Defect-Going on 3rd Printer!!

I seldom make such sky is falling statements but there is no other explanation but that there is some serious defect with the Epson 4900. I am only concerned and perplexed that I haven't seen anyone else mention it. Please let me know if you are having this problem too because I don't know how to move on with it. Epson doesn't seem to be capable of fixing it.

(Possibly related to problem here: )

Here is the long story:

Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone has had the same problems that I've been having with the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, Epson's newest 17 inch inkjet printer. I bought it 4-5 months ago and enjoyed great seamless printing experience for the first 4.5 months.

In the last few weeks, it started to stop printing mid way, somewhat randomly and intermittently, printing everything the first few tries, and then printing only a few inches and sometimes 3/4s of the way through. My ucf files (where the print settings were saved) would also reset itself for no apparent reason and I would lose all my settings and if I were in the middle of a print job, it would default to letter 8.5 x 11 and I would get a misprint.

The biggest problem is of course, as above, not finishing the print job. Absolutely NO error messages, sometimes an 'operations with the printer not complete' will show up on the print dialogue box when this happens, but its not consistent. Problem shows up via crossover ethernet connection and usb cable in 1 machine and 1 laptops running Vista 64 bit. (same Epson Driver).

So I called Epson, after two different phone service calls, and trying everything possible from reinstalling drivers, resetting up the network, Epson said get a local service station guy to come out to see it on Epson Warranty. They keep insisting of course, that it was a SYSTEM problem according to the symptoms.

First guy came out (who by the way, knew next to nothing about 4900s), he did a short web test print, a small 2-3 pixel cut off occured at the end of the second try. He called Epson and they said, exchange.

So, I called Epson and they overnighted me a refurbished unit (they only change new ones in the first month) . After a lot of hassle of installing the new refurb one, I charged the inks and set it up, excited to finally be able to print again. Lo and behold, SAME PROBLEM! It doesn't finish printing on the 3rd attempt.

Baffled, we tried the husband's Windows 7 laptop. Problem shows up with a random pdf file he had on his laptop after a 3rd attempt.

I reformatted my laptop AGAIN, fresh and clean with no other programs, load Epson 4900 driver through a usb key and an Adobe reader. Tried to print, and not unsurprisingly, the same problem occurs.

Frustrated and stumped beyond description, I called Epson again, and they sent me to another service center, apparently this one possibly had someone who was more familiar with Epson 4900. Guy came with his XP laptop and freshly installed driver. After 10 prints and when the problem didn't surface I was getting worried. We moved to my laptop to try. Again, this guy said, it's a SYSTEM problem, it CAN'T be the printer. I was praying he was right, because I was proud of my nice, shiny new, allegedly robust, professional printer.

Then it happened! First the UCF file reset itself and then it started not finishing printing like all my other tries.

Service guy said, let's try his laptop again. We did, tried it happened on 2nd attempt, switch out USB cable, and guess what, it DIDN'T FINISH PRINTING! At this point both of us threw up our hands. He called Epson, and they could only say, HARDWARE PROBLEM-Exchange. Oh boy, now I have will be having 3 gargantuan Epson Printers in my house before the previous ones were even shipped out.

So, thanks for the patience. Has ANYONE had any problems like this? Did I just get a stroke of terrible luck and got TWO lemon printers? I am shocked that I don't see anybody mention this at all online. I know its a fairly new printer, but surely someone else had this happened too since I received TWO printers with the same problem? (I'll have to say my first one was great for the first 4 months of its life). At this point, I can only think that the boards in printers somehow have a serious manufacturing defect?

What should I do? Scrap the 4900 and ask for a 4880 instead?

Completely stumped-AT

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