NX Comparison DXO Mark scores

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DXO is very useful if you know what to look for. It is not necessary that highest score camera is better for your needs. Maybe you want high ISO or only good color at low ISO.

As for the calculation, it may be the best way for you, but you also have 3 "subscores"

  • Portrait Score, based on optimum Color Depth.

  • Landscape Score, based on maximum Dynamic Range.

  • Sports Score, based on Low-Light ISO.

As about the difference in score between A350 and Canon 450, I guess it is because of higher DR at low ISO of A350.

From Luminous landscape:

The DxOMark Sensor score is itself computed using (measured and then resolution-normalized) figures for

  • Noise levels: what is the highest ISO level that still gives a specific print quality?

  • Dynamic Range: ability to simultaneously render highlights and dark shadows under good lighting (low-ISO) conditions

  • Color Sensitivity or "color depth": how much color ("chroma") noise is there, particularly in the shadows under good lighting (low-ISO) conditions All this data (and more!) is measured and provided by DxOMark on their website.

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