How do you know if your colors are accurate

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Re: 1h photo lab method

Joergen Geerds wrote:

lou Capeloto wrote:

I am am trying to know if the colors that I see when I process photos in lightroom are accurate

I submit them for stock and curious is what I see will be what those receiving them will see as far as color accuracy?
Any suggestions for verifying color accuracy?

first step would be using the calibration steps in system prefs - displays.

second step would be taking 3-6 jogs (with argb or srgb profile) that show a range of colors you care about to your local 1h photo printer and print them without any adjustments... most 1h mini labs are extremely well calibrated, and produce reliable colors (for next to no money)... if you want to me more precise, take them to 3 different labs, and pick the two that look similar for reference.
third: go home and compare the results

this is just a cheap and simple method, and should not really replace a good color calibration and color management procedures.

it's just a quick start...

Assuming the lab bothers to calibrate their system of course. The only way is to get a calibration system for your screen. Screen only calibration are not that expensive, anyone serious about their work has to have one.


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