Just ordered G3 + 20mm/1.7!

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Re: Just ordered G3 + 20mm/1.7!

Thanks! I'm most likely going to be shooting in RAW too for the same reasons. What are your white balance/color settings on the camera? A lot of the sample images I've seen OOC look a little cool and underexposed, so I'd like to compensate for that in a subtle way.

Look how beautiful this set-up looks with the Leica-esque lens hood: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cverwaal/5853247621/lightbox/

Would there be differences between using a linear polarizer, an ND filter, and a circular polarizer? Would the circular polarizer be the best, most versatile and usable choice?

Thanks again

Surefoot wrote:

I have used this lens in some sunny conditions and high contrast scenes and didnt get flare. I would say for now dont bother with a hood, then if you really want one go with those cheap ebay vented hoods that look like Leica ones. Thread is 46mm. As for filters get a circular polarizer, it will help with some shots (water surfaces, sunny landscapes).

For camera settings, i shoot RAW so i can pick my white balance and colors. The 20mm is fantastic for black & white work. It produces saturated, contrasty colors too. Start shooting in iA mode, really, it's not perfect (falls into pieces when conditions are tough) but generally it will pick very decent settings. Very good tool to start with the camera.

TrevorBaum wrote:

Thanks for the input and encouragement, guys!

  • What lens hood and filters do you recommend for the 20mm/1.7?

  • What in-camera settings (white balance, colors, etc) do you recommend for shooting with this set-up?

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