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worldcup1982 wrote:

I can't help wondering how a buyer (if MRs explanation is true) feels knowing that the camera could cost 2000 usd...how would you feel paying 7000usd for a camera and soon after, discover that the price is simply a "marketing" (or whatever) decision?

That depends on several things.

1. Do you care? Maybe the amount of money you paid did not affect you. Either because your rich or because you dont need the money.

2. What happens with the price afterwards? Some people dislikes heavily that something expensive they bought drops in price. We have seen that earlier in this very forum - people that gets mighty upset when e.g. DP1 can be bought at half the price, claiming that they have been swindled in their investment.

3. Do you want to be exclusive? Some people like to buy mere expensive stuff. Then the are more unique. Something that they value. Thats typical for mode and jewellery and perfume and things like Rolex watches. Even cameras - which partly accounts for Leica's price.

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