Michael Reichmann explains the SD1 price...

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Re: Ha, ha, ha...

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Chuck Lantz wrote:

Which reminds me of the joke about the kid selling lemonade in his front yard for $10,000 a cup. When a neighbor tells the kid that he won't sell many cups of lemonade at that price, the kid replies; "I know, but I only have to sell one."

Thats actually correct, that kind of pricing strategy is very common. But - in the case of lemonade - it might be hard to find the buyer.

I can't help wondering how a buyer (if MRs explanation is true) feels knowing that the camera could cost 2000 usd...how would you feel paying 7000usd for a camera and soon after, discover that the price is simply a "marketing" (or whatever) decision?

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