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Re: Pana G3 improve touch of buttons

I like it too. I set the Fn1 as a permanent button for flash compensation and really don't want that selected or changed by a simple mistake of pushing a button by accident because it's too large. I really find there's little need to go into Q menu or really anything other then the already brilliantly laid out IQ as it is except for flash compensation hence the Fn1 selection. Great job Panasonic.

richj20 wrote:

Pixel Peter wrote:
The dp review of the Pana G3 says:

the DISP./ Fn1 button. It's flush with the camera body and difficult to locate by touch, and you're never really sure you've actually pressed it as the tactile feedback is so weak.

I think the Panasonic engineers had great foresight to design the button as they did: it's almost impossible to accidently press it.

As far as tactile feedback (feeling of touch) -- if you press with your thumbnail rather than the fleshy part of the thumb, the feeling is much stronger, since the flesh absorbs the impact of the return action of the button, whereas the hardness of the nail transmits the impact.

A few minutes of practice and I was able to find the button w/o looking. One of its functions I've assigned is Flash Exposure Compensation when I'm in in C2-1 Mode (Macro shooting with MF and flash). Very easy/quick to access.

Good job, Panasonic!


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