what is the next new Nikkor? your guess

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Re: what is the next new Nikkor? your guess

LensLineup wrote:

So the new 40/2.8 micro was a bit of a surprise and is certainly going to be a welcome addition to the DX shooters.  Nikon kept it real quiet.  Nikon Rumors missed the 40/2.8, I saw the news first in this forum, so does their guesswork have any link to an actual rumor or is it a made up list like the below.  Does byThom have an inside lead on what's next?

Over the last two years, Nikon has made a serious attempt to stop leaks of new products, first by more strictly controlling the release of information, and second by imposing strict non-disclosure agreements on the (fewer) people who are 'in the know'.

The company's efforts have been conspicuously successful. When Thom Hogan has absolutely no idea what's coming next, you can tell that something has changed. He has been left guessing, just like the rest of us.

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