Nikon mirrorless has a 1/2.3 sensor

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Re: Info seems to be wrong: it is a much larger sensor

Jorginho wrote:

Look here:

That is my comparison and it seems to be valid. Others have noted the mount is 4,2 cm diagonal, which validates my comparison as my G1 has a 5,1 cm diagonal. So the m4/3 mount, as expected, is 20% larger. And therefor the sensor is just over half the size of m4/3.

Now I find that a very smart descision by Nikon because they have no competition there.

That's Thom Hogan's view, too.

So all things being equal it will be performing less thn m4/3 but still it will be much closer to that IQ than that of any P&S. Easily. Certainly with Sony sensortech.

I use m4/3 and the G1 is so much better than any P&S, there is no competition.

G3 is close to Nikon D5100, although at base ISO DR is visibly worse (under demanding circumstances!). Other than that it is almost on par.

This 17mm sensor therefor can well lead to really really nice IQ in a truely pocketable package. The body may be smaller but the lenses will be clearly smaller than m4/3. As i have written several times now: this is a major advantage for many and I think this is truely innovative (m4/3 sensor is still a 4/3 sensor, this is a whole new one) and a brilliant companion to a APS-c DSLR or even my GH2 or G3. I might even skip G3 (which is much smaller than Gh2) in anticipation of this Nikon.

So I have a Gh2 for the demanding stuff and fantastic video and Nikon for everyday shooting.

Only thing i think you can say about Nikon is that they are really late. That's all. Other than that I am excited about this one. Can't wait for reviews!

I'd wait for the product first.

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