thinking about getting a D200 advice please

Started Jul 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
jinnyc New Member • Posts: 21
Use Lightroom 3 for NR

Just a few observations (some already pointed out):

1. D200 used price has come down--B&H and KEH have it for $500-600, should be able to find it cheaper in private sales (I've seen it for @$275-350 on craigslist)

2. Great camera at base ISO--in some ways cleaner than D300, IMO.

3. Acceptable noise to 640 or so, thereafter it gets a bit noisy for me.

4. I use Lightroom 3 and found that it really does control/process noise out of high ISO images from D200. Won't turn your D200 into a D3/D700, and your tastes my differ, but for me LR added a usable stop to the camera. Resulting noise looks more D300-ish -- less chroma/color noise.

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