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Re: Sigma is improvable ...not?

Chuck Lantz wrote:

BillCarr wrote:

petr marek wrote:

I can understand, that Japan mentality is different. It shows highest respect to leading authority, without who there will be no Sigma at all...

Larry Ellison
Alfred Krupp
Steve Jobs
Carlos Slim Helu
Thomas Edison
Rupert Murdoch
Guy Laliberte
Donald Trump
Silvio Berlusconi
Henry Ford

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good prejudgment of an entire people.

Such judgements are often provable, and not always meant as an insult. If you study the corporate cultures of various nations, you'll find that there often are recognizable traits from nation to nation that originate in their social cultures and often can be mirrored in their corporate culture.

I didn't consider it insulting, just dumb. Talk of "Japan mentality" while ignoring the similar behavior of companies and entrepreneurs around the world is silly. And trying to somehow place the blame on a country mentality -- instead of squarely on the shoulders of a particular individual -- is equally silly given that such poor, last-minute decisionmaking is hardly common in large Japanese consumer companies.

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