thinking about getting a D200 advice please

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Re: thinking about getting a D200 advice please

I think it's a great landscape camera. Really, quite a nice camera overall too.

It's base ISO is 100, and it excels in bright light. It's nowhere near as good at high ISO shooting as a D300. I was always nervous taking it over ISO 400. If you do shoot higher, you don't want to underexpose at all.

When I first got a D300, I was shooting both cameras side-by-side a lot, and I didn't think there was much difference initially, except in these areas:
1. The LCD panel on the D300 puts older LCD panels to shame.
2. The 100% viewfinder on the D300 is nicer.

3. The D300 really seemed to shoot 'brighter' or 'harsher' or 'tended to blow highlights' more. I frequently shot the D300 at a -0.7 exposure in the sun, while shooting the D200 at 0.0. Whether one underexposes, or the other overexposes is something I'm still thinking about. But in the bright sun, I've always liked the D200 rendition better. Certainly the look of images out of the D300 is different from the D300.

After using both cameras for a while, it became apparent to me that the D300 has a lot better autofocus too. Mostly that shows in low contrast lighting or dim lighting.

The D200 eats batteries at least twice as fast as a D300. I was only getting 400-500 shots out of a charge. I like the accessory grip for the D200 (though the D300's is much better) and the fact it holds two batteries.

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