Michael Reichmann explains the SD1 price...

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Perhaps we are to blaim, though only partially

If it is indeed someone in Sigma that made such a blunder in pricing, he might have drawn some of his inspirations from this very forum. The enthusiasm and zealousness among some of us here (incl myself) could have led him to believe in the supremacy of Foveon imaging, or strengthened such an opinion of his. Foveon images are truly addictive to some, and he must have seen many easy preys among the addicted. Why not price it up to take advantage of these weaknesses and vulnerabilities, if the cost is really that high anyway?

Sigma could have got away with such a high price if SD1 had been indeed 3 times better than SD15 in terms of IQ, i.e., its images as addictive as 3 SD15 images stitched together, and if they had got the raw converter right. After all, SD1 is unique and can be the best, if not the only, choice if you really need the best possible image quality in good light in a smallest and lightest possible package (i.e., when the heavy, bulky and clumsy MF or even FF is not an option).

Unfortunately, Sigma is not there yet. Or is it not fortunate for us as customers, as it opens up our eyes to other exciting alternatives?

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