Reasons why I hate my "new" 14-54

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Reasons why I hate my "new" 14-54

Ok, so now I got the great 14-54 attached to my E520.

10 things I have come to hate about it:

1.Rock solid construction (metal mount!) weathersealed...I wanted to go run and play in the thunderstorms this weekend but my E520 isn't weathersealed and I had nothing to improvise a decent cover.

So I hate my 14-54 because it taunts me with the idea of buying an E5...or even an E3 or E1...just to have a weathersealed body to go along with the lens.

2.Quick focus, even in low now I can't blame the camera on missed shots!

3. It's bigger than my 40-150. My life is uncertain enough without the reality that the longer lens is shorter than the shorter lens...

4. Now I need a bigger camera bag.

5. 67mm filter size. Since this lens demands a top quality polarizing filter, I'm going to have to skip my Saturday dinners at the buffet a few times to pay for the larger filters.

6. The fact that I paid almost as much for the lens used as I did for my entire E520 kit new simply reminds me that my hobby can become more expensive than I care to consider.

7. My 14-42 has threatened to leave me for good if I don't promise to use it at least twice a month as my "walkaround lens".

8. I could have avoided purchasing the 50-200 with the excuse that the kit lenses are good enough. Not any more: the 14-54 begs a comparable quality long lens.

9. The smooth operation reminds me of how roughly my own joints work.

10. Makes me even more invested in a dead system. Next thing you know I'll be preferring HD-DVD to BlueRay...

Ok I really do like the lens. It's quality of build and operation really does exceed comparably priced lenses from other brands I've examined. I was going to buy the 50-200 much later, after getting started in PEN, but now I'm leaning toward filling out my 4/3 kit first (including not only the 50-200 but the E5)

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