Michael Reichmann explains the SD1 price...

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Re: If Michael Reichmann is correct

I mean no disrespect, but i can't help quoting a seinfeld episode, the kiss hello...
We must not disturb the delicate genius....

Joking aside, i hardly believe any letters, polite or not, will make any difference...

Nancy and Pete Spader wrote:

If Michael Reichmann is correct my advice (based on my general understanding of human nature) that you should be polite in writing to Michihiro Yamaki-san, C.E.O. of Sigma, is very important. No one likes to make mistakes, and it is hard for any of us to back down from a mistake. Given his position it must be even more difficult for him to do so. Indeed, now that he knows what is happening as a result of his decision, I wonder if any more letters to him serve any purpose at all (unless, of course, you have the marketing skills to suggest a way out of this that he may not have thought of).


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