thinking about getting a D200 advice please

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Re: thinking about getting a D200 advice please

footstepsintime wrote:

hi as it says im thinking of getting one well saving for one i still use film and i start an online course on monday in professional freelance photography

this camera seems to be great from what i have seen any one have one that can give there thoughts id have to do alot of saving there around £450 used for a body

thanks in advance for any advice
oh i shoot landscape and wildlife/nature

At £450 I'd want to be sure that it was in very good condition but even though it's a bit long in the tooth technology wise, it's a very solid and capable camera. The Autofocus, while quite good in and of itself doesn't quite match the newer AF systems which may try your patience at times with certain types of wildlife photography, something that could be said for any AF system, just a bit more so with the earlier camera bodies. Also, newer cameras do handle high ISO and/or underexposure conditions with somewhat less noise. This can be minimized with care but it's something you'll want to bear in mind when shooting without flash in poor light conditions.

On the upside, in good light, the color rendition is excellent and at 8MP the Raw image file sizes are a joy to work with on todays computers..

I'm still using mine. It's taken quite a beating over the years in all sorts of weather conditions. Once it tumbled about 20 feet down a marble staircase. The camera still works perfectly. As long as that continues, I can't see any reason to set it down.

Good luck!

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