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Re: Sigma is improvable ...not?

BillCarr wrote:

petr marek wrote:

I can understand, that Japan mentality is different. It shows highest respect to leading authority, without who there will be no Sigma at all...

Larry Ellison
Alfred Krupp
Steve Jobs
Carlos Slim Helu
Thomas Edison
Rupert Murdoch
Guy Laliberte
Donald Trump
Silvio Berlusconi
Henry Ford

But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good prejudgment of an entire people.

Such judgements are often provable, and not always meant as an insult. If you study the corporate cultures of various nations, you'll find that there often are recognizable traits from nation to nation that originate in their social cultures and often can be mirrored in their corporate culture.

For example, the respect shown to corporate executives by their employees in one nation might be based on an historical cultural respect for elders and/or those in power within their social structure, while that respect shown in other nations might be based solely on the reality of "he or she controls my employment."

For example, if Larry Ellison visits a large office at an ORACLE campus, the employees continue working as usual until Ellison approaches their work station, and then the employee will stand and they'll exchange the usual Western style pleasantries.

But move a few miles to the Korean-owned Evergreen Shipping office, and to a totally different scene when their CEO visits. All employees, of various national origins, rise and stand at polite attention next to their desks as long as the CEO is present.

Both situations exhibit respect; one in the Western informal style and one in the Eastern formal style. It's the social style that's different, no better or worse than the other. So, the OP meant no disrespect, he was just stating the facts.

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