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Re: Reality Check

TomFla wrote:

The sd1 is really not that great a camera.

At $6800.00 street price based on all the features it offers--you are accurate in your statement. If it had been introduced in the market segment that it had been intended--competition for the Canon 7D and similar market priced camera, then it would be considered a great camera for its image quality alone. It is a huge accomplishment for Sigma and I liked the camera very much after shooting with it for two very short days in Vermont. There is really very little wrong with the camera. The problems with the camera involve buggy SPP 5.0 Software which can be addressed by Sigma. Yes-it has some weak points like lack of Live view for micro focus which still leaves me scratching my head wondering why Sigma would omit this feature in a camera that was to be sold for $7000 along with the missing tethered shooting that so many of us professionals use all the time. The other issues could be easily addressed by Sigma, but putting in place a PRO support program with fast overnight turn around, loaners etc for the SD1 to support our work. As it is now, the ease of using our other Nikon and Canon systems makes some of us wonder if Sigma has ever shot with the competition's camera to see what they should be competing against. Sigma could make the SD1 a viable camera if they would lower the price to under $2000,then scores of photographers would buy it for its high image quality alone and the advantage of shooting with an APC-s sensored camera like depth of field differences, smaller lenses etc.

Until Sigma does this, I doubt if they will even sell 100 units in the U.S.A. I want Sigma to succeed and loved the new camera and with third party raw support in Lightroom, Photoshop CS5 etc, it could really be a workable system for many, but its slow performance----waiting for the red light to stop flashing so you can make some setting changes could be a problem for fast paced event photography shooting. I could see it being used for group shots at weddings, posed shooting etc but not for fast paced stuff. I'd have to have my Canon for those applications.

I suspect the SD1 would need double its processor speed or maybe up to four processor chips to bring it up to the speed necessary to compete with faster shooting systems. Sigma could solve these issues with future updates to the existing camera like a SD1x release----x for extra fast...

I have hopes for Sigma, but until they do something about the price, its going to be sitting on retailer's shelves. I sure would like to have one right now to shoot with and spend some more time shooting with it than just two days. But its not going to happen at the $6800.00 price tag for me and many others.

The SD1 has an some serious weak points. Lack of Live View for micro focus applications. What was Sigma thinking? This is absolutely critical nowadays for many of us doing micro focus applications with our photography.

Sure it is capable of producing images with nice IQ; and if you are willing to pixel peep or print much larger than most folks do the IQ strengths become more obvious. But only if you can get over some software and work flow issues.

I really do not see much else to recommend it after that. There are lots of threads in the Canon/Nikon and other forums about how bigger LCDs with LV provide better critical focus, better AF and AI produce more keepers, cleaner high ISO files allow shooting in dimmer light or with slower lens, faster burst rates and deeper buffers produce more keepers, good customer support, large choice of modern lens, choice of FF or multiple crop factors, and perhaps most damaging to the sd1 price points.
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