Tempted to switch to Nikon D5100

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Re: But here you are wrong in my view.

Enir4 wrote:

I also have the NEX-5. Even with low ISO its IQ runs rings around the m43 sensors. See aldo DxO. It has much better gradations, detail and noise characteristics.

Listen, APS-C guys. As soon as you start writing in hyperbolas such as this, your credibility immediately goes out of the window.

There is no question that good APS-C sensors are slightly better than m4/3 sensors in pretty much every IQ category. The key word however, is slightly , as opposed to much .

Recently I've shot at my friends' wedding with EPL1, 20mm and Canon FD 50mm f1.4. My friends (and everybody else who has seen the pictures, for that matter) massively prefer what they've got from me to the pictures they've got from an official wedding photographer with 5D. Their preference is not only based on my angles being slightly better, but also on the technical execution: colors, sharpness , contrast, exposure, highlights. I am sure that the shadows on the Canon were miles better, too bad nobody bothered to look there.

The point here is not that E-PL1 is better than 5D, it is not. The wedding photographer simply didn't do a great job. But it shows one thing: a small edge anywhere in the imaging pipeline is enough to wipe out the technical advantage that full frame 5D has over E-PL1 . These cameras are that good. And you come here and try to convince us that D5100 or NEX or Pentax have huge IQ edge over m4/3? Sorry, folks, that's just your dreams.

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