Any Android Tablet users?

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Let's move to the new 'Tablets' forum

Jeff Peterman wrote:

I picked up an Acer Iconis, 32 GB a few days ago. Costco has it for $430, with the normally optional sleeve case, including a 2 year warranty and a 90-day no-questions warranty.

The Acer has a slot for a micro SD, so I can add removable storage 32 GB at a time for around $50. It has a USB host socket than can take a thumb drive, a card reader, or even an external hard drive. After downloading a free App (File Manager HD), and a $4 RAW viewer (cr2-Thumbnailer), I can backup Canon 7D files (JPG or RAW) from the CF card to the micro SD card and view them on the tablet screen.

I'm just learning the best ways to use this. I have found that the USB "drive" isn't always recognized - sometimes I need to power the tablet down and bring it back up with the USB reader/thumb drive/hard drive attached. As with any PC, a single USB port can provide enough power for many external hard drives, so you may need to use external hard drives with a power supply. Any I haven't used the combination enough to be sure how it will really work.

I'd say more, but I don't actually have the tablet for reference right now. My wife discovered that with the $15 Documents to Go softare, she can read/write Word and Power Point documents, and she's comfortable with typing once the Swype keyboard App was installed, so she took the tablet with her when she left for a 4 day conference today!

(Having just scanned some of the earlier posts, I must point out that Honeycomb doesn't support all existing Android Apps, and some must be re-written for the tablets. One example is Facebook - the regular App doesn't even show up in the Marketplace. But I'm sure that many more Honeycomb-specific Apps are on their way. )

Good points, but this thread is now off topic for PC talk. I just replied to the thread you started about this in the new "Phone Cameras / Tablets & Apps" forum that DPReview created a few days ago.

It is time that we pick up our drinks and continue on in the new forum.


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