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Lately I've been using an iPhone application called gps4cam. I like it because it does not require you to accurately set the time on the camera. I appreciated this when tagging photos on a recent trip that covered three time zones. gps4cam automatically adjusted for the amount of time the camera was off and adjusted for the time zones automatically.

They use a clever method to attach the GPS data to images. An export will encode GPS data on QR code which is displayed on the iPhone. With the same camera, you take a photo of the iPhone image and include it in a folder on your computer with the photos you want tagged. The computer app will find the QR Code, extract the GPS data encoded within and apply the coordinates to the photos. It calculates the camera time offset because it gets the camera's time from the QR Code image. If you recorded large amounts of GPS data it might create multiple pages; simply include in the same directory all QR codes exported.

The computer app will tag the usual formats: jpg, raw, etc.

The link to the app is

If you have an iPhone, at $2.99, it's hard to go wrong with this app.

Al Malin

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