can I undelete or retrieve deleted photos from my Iphone?

Started Jul 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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andrzej bialuski Senior Member • Posts: 2,664
can I undelete or retrieve deleted photos from my Iphone?

I have deleted a few important photos from my Iphone. Is there a way to get these back?

The phone has not been synched with these photos.

Here is the full story:

I rented a car in Florida. Took photos of a few minor scratches when I accepted it.
Returned the car and since the case was closed for me, deleted these photos.

Now the car rental company claims damage to the back door and has charged me $250 on my Credit Card.

I am disputing the charge with my bank, but it would be nice to have the deleted photos as proof.

I tried several software that are claiming they can do this, but they do not even recognize the attached Iphone.


I originally posted this in the Pro Forum, but got only one reply. So, sorry for crossposting.

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