Michael Reichmann explains the SD1 price...

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Re: Michael Reichmann explains the SD1 price...

DMillier wrote:

From post on the Lula forum:

"It was not chip yield, manufacturing or supply issues, the earthquake, or any other seemingly plausible reason. It was just a misguided decision by one executive that flabbergasted the rest of the company. It was a really bad decision and I predict will one day become something of a business school case study. Call in the King Lear syndrome."

Seems right on. Carl Rytterfalk, the planet's biggest Sigma fanboy (and someone who regularly gets free use of all new Sigma gear before officially introduced), reported the same back in May on his blog:

I’m very very frustrated at this point, as I think you can imagine. The price had us all taken by surprise and the people I know within Sigma says that they were taken by surprise as well (and silent anger as well). It’s likely been a one mans show even if I can’t say for sure, it seams that way.

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