What should be in a Beginners Bag

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Re: What should be in a Beginners Bag

wmsson wrote:

Critique your photos well and you will know what to get next. Wider angle, more reach, a dedicated macro lens, a faster moderate zoom, a faster prime,..the answer will be different for different people. Obviously if you are running out of card space, you will need more cards, if you run out of battery power, you need to carry more batteries. Get a circular polarizer, you need it. You won't know that until you actually try it....I was a beginner once too, ya know.

A beginner kit should be limited, you're a beginner, ya don't know hardly anything, you don't know what you actually need in the future. Use your photos to determine what you need, whatever is wrong with them, find out how to fix it and buy what you need to fix them. And don't try to solve all your problems by next week. Photography (improving at it) is not a destination, it is a journey. At the end of your journey (when you die) you will have a quite different collection of equipment than many other individuals. That is because you will have bought equipment that meets your specific needs while caring little about what others need to meet their needs. If that is the way it will be, why not start that now? Don't ask what you need, go get the photos you want and find out what you need by analyzing those photos.

Time and effort is what is needed here. I see very few people asking questions in the beginners forum who are willing to do that. Haven't they figured out that it is a requirement, a preuiquisite, to becoming a good photographer? Maybe they are just too impatient. I can understand that but if you are that impatient, then maybe this is not the hobby for you.

Geez people, slow down, learn by doing, it's the best way. Don't believe me? Try it.


I'm gonna stop asking to find my answers, but as you say I'm gonna start shooting to find my REAL answers.

Thanks Again.

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