re: tbcass about 24MP on APS-C

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re: tbcass about 24MP on APS-C

tbcass wrote:

rinkos wrote:

In any case, we'll soon see.

Dulaney i claim this if only because its also what sony claimed in all here released notes on the A77 development over the past months..they stated they managed to get a better IQ than the A55 even though they increased the MP to 24
thus admiting that increasing the MP takes its toll on the IQ .

if this is indeed the case than the A77 sensor with a 16mp like the A55 could made better resolving than the current 24mp sensor could.

I don't think they meant that at all. 24mp should outresolve 16mp or why even bother. What they were probably referring to was something like high iso performance.

It was specifically about noise performance.

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