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Thank you Simon and DPR staff

I am very happy and greatfull with your decision to allow the KSLRTF to remain. I thank you for this. I cannot tell you enough just how much I apprediate your decision.

I started out at DPR in the KSLRTF back around 2004 from a different computer and with a different name. DPR was a gold mine of information for me. Over time I regreted so much not getting my own Kodak DSLR for many years. So this past May 5th. 2011 I purchased my own EXC+ Condition Kodak SLR/n and I was officially home again in the Kodak SLR Talk Forum. A peacefull place with friendly and knowledgeable DPR Forum members participating and some are even dropping in from the other forums from time to time.

AgainThank You Very Much. I will always remember that you took the time to notify us and then allowed us to provide our thoughts about the upcoming forum changes. Finally I will remember that you listened to us, which too me is giving me a personel feeling that I am a member of worth to DPR. I cannot tell you exactly how I feel, but I would like to say how much this means to me after being a DPR member all these years.
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