Which "Nifty" 50mm ?

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Re: Which "Nifty" 50mm ?

devoh wrote:

I love doing nature/landscape shots... trees, waterfalls, flowers, etc..

I also wanted a lens that could do nice portraits for people.

I'm betting I need the 35mm for landscapes,

Why 35mm for landscapes? Why not just use a zoom lens, and have a variety of focal lengths at your disposal?

the 50mm for portraits,

50mm can be a little on the short side if you want to do a head/shoulders portrait. Most people prefer an 85mm prime (or longer) for that job. It's partly about perspective (taking a shot at close range tends to result in an unflattering portrait) but being too close can also make your subject uncomfortable.

and a 85 or 105 micro for flowers/bugs..

Popular choices here are the Tamron 90mm, Sigma 105mm, Tokina 100mm or Nikon 105mm (if your budget will cover it). Many people (including myself) buy the Tamron 90mm to cover macro and portraits, but be aware that the max aperture on most macro lenses changes as you focus closer so an f/2.8 macro lens may only give you about f/3.5 at potrait distances. Still works well, though.



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