Possible to edit a RAW file?

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Re: Possible to edit a RAW file?

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

GordonBGood wrote:

There are ways that you could provide means for "Sue" to be able to check whether the original file had been edited after it was in your control

there are no ways for as long as they are known to exist they will be found and ...


Just because the Nikon scheme has been cracked due to them embedding the encryption code in the file doesn't mean that all methods can be. A hash checksum of the file transmitted by independent means or a true digital signature using a one way code would provide almost irrefutable proof that the file is in the state as when these were applied/generated as, unlike the Nikon scheme, the encoding "password" is not contained in the file and can be verified from outside through independent sources.

Regards, GordonBGood

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