50mm 1.4g/1.8g vs 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm 1.4g lenses

Started Jul 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
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50mm 1.4g/1.8g vs 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm 1.4g lenses

I have the 24, 35, and 85mm 1.4g lenses. I love these!

24 for creative wide angle
35 for portraits and indoor use of people
85mm for outdoor use

They all have nano coating and you can see the difference compared to older lenses...the coating seems to improve contrast.

I had a 50mm 1.4g but I sold it about a year ago (among other things, various body parts, my soul, etc.) to afford the 24mm 1.4g.

No regrets on selling the 50mm as I love the 24 and the other lenses.

It seems to me though, that the quality of the 50mm (i.e. coatings, build, focusing, etc.) isn't up to par with compared to the 24, 35, and 85.

Is that just me?

Also, since the 50mm 1.8G is such a bargain of a lens... is it worth adding to my bag? When would I use it if I have the other 3?

I only ask, cause it's just so inexpensive. Opinions?

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