Which photos are best suited to become prints?

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Re: My test is one of 'wall-worthiness'

DotCom Editor wrote:

Of the millions of shots I have taken in more than 50 years since I was a 1950s-era toddler, I've got to ask myself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Actually, it's "Is this photograph ' wall worthy ?'" In other words, given a limited amount of available wall space in my home, is this photograph deserving of being printed on archival media, matted framed using museum-grade archival materials, and being hung for display?

If the answer is yes, I will then spend many hours in Photoshop, tweaking color balance, doing selective sharpening, cloning out the minutest imperfection, and much more. I'll view the file at 200% or greater to find and eliminate tiny sensor dust spots, and then add dozens of layers to fix tree twigs, unflattering teeth, brighten eyes, fill in bare spots in grassy areas, remove an artisticly out-of-place leaf, etc. My position is that every pixel must be perfect. Sometimes that takes a few hours, other times it can take a couple of days.

When I finally print on my HP Z3100 printers, I obsess about which paper is best for this image and then make several test strips on the chosen paper to determine optimal results. Only then do I make my large, final print, often at 20 x 30 inches for display in a 32 x 40-inch frame (which yields 5-inch mat borders). Prints hung for display are rotated frequently, appropriate to the season, or to feature portraits or candids of people who are visiting my home. Often, my guest(s) leave with that archivally printed and framed portrait as a gift -- a new family heirloom.

This isn't for everybody, but it works for me.

A good and logical set of comments. However, One surprise for me -- all this time I thought you were around age 39-- [Grin]....

I sometimes get that "Magic Number" mixed up with my actual age which is 79 instead of 39.
Have Fun.... and My Regards,

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