HX100V is getting a serious competition.

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Re: HX100V is getting a serious competition.

To be fair, the FZ35 is still widely considered the best bridge camera IQ wise. Unfortunately for the Panasonic lovers anyone can beat current super zoom IQ if they scale back to 18x zoom or less. The trick is to accomplish FZ35 IQ at 30x zoom or more to keep up with the trend.

Let's just hope they at least attempt it with the FZ100 successor. Canon is reportedly going for 40x zoom for the SX40IS. If they can hit FZ35 or HX100V quality in a 40x zoom then WOW!

Panasonic failed already with the 24x zoom. Although 600mm telephoto is still quite high, most people would easily give up convenience for the IQ of a G3 plus 100-300mm + 14-140mm combo.

Even an A55 with a 18-270 comes DANGEROUSLY close with 28mm - 413mm with just one lens but with much better IQ. In my opinion and what I look for in a bridge camera is something no way my mirrorless or DSLR can do without a tripod. To do that nowadays everyone should go the Canon route IMO. They are number 1 for a reason and I agree with their philosophy. Go zoom or go home.

I am not saying there isn't a market for the Pano bridges. There definitely is and Marti and others who put IQ above all might love them. I think that is a small market now though with the increase of DSLR + big zoom lens sales.

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