Epson V600 vs V700 vs ? - scan 35mm (mounted) slides

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Epson V600 vs V700 vs ? - scan 35mm (mounted) slides

I'm looking for personal experiences with these two scanners (V600 vs V700).

For use connected to a Mac Book Pro (2010 mid year, 17"). Or perhaps an iMac.

My main requirement is to scan a large number of very old slides. While the slides have been moderately well cared for, they are certainly not in "perfect" condition.

I have other uses for the scanner - but the critical application that drives the decision is 35mm slide scanning. The "other uses" could probably justify the full price of the V600) - but not the V700.

I have read the specs, and most of the articles posted here - no need to repeat them.

I understand the price difference - the V700 is within my budget (a Nikon slide scanner is not). Of course, I'll be pleased if someone were to tell me that the differences between these two are negligible - but I suspect the difference in DMax may be crucial (3.4 vs 4.0). The slides are mostly in the category of "family history", and already degraded somewhat by time.

A long time ago, I popped for the (at the time, not-cheap, HP S20 scanner. It served me well, but it's PC only and very long in the tooth. I have decided it must go (anyone want it?) I know how to use a slide dup setup to copy the slides using my DSLR - been there, done that, have the torn t-shirt. That won't work for me.

Besides the difference in DMax, the V700 will do 12 at a time, while the V600 will only do 4 at a time. Will that really help if I am picky about framing? (that is - is there an auto-crop "feature" that I will be fighting with). If I am tweaking at the keyboard while the next batch are scanning - am I likely to be limited by my tweaking or the scanning (and is it different for 4 vs 12?) [I know - it depends on how picky I am - but if you have done this please try to estimate]. I prefer to be in "scan only" mode for awhile - and then tweak the entire batch later. I will have no trouble finding other tasks to work on while the scanner is grinding away ( is possible to purchase an extra "carrier" so that I can keep the scanner busy?)

and finally, is there a RELIABLE (first line manufacturer) slide scanner in roughly the same market position (price competitive with the V700) as the old HP S20 that I have somehow missed? I can deal with manual feed - but auto feed would be a HUGE plus, if AND ONLY IF the quality is acceptable. I'm not interested in Brookstone quality toys.

Assume that all the scans will eventually go through Adobe Lightroom, at some stage.

If there are special work flow issues (that are different for the V600 and V700), that would be good to know, too.

My current bias is to get the V700 - I guess I'm asking for someone to convince me that the V600 will work just as well. I'm also guessing that the V750 doesn't offer enough of an advantage to justify the price unless I open a slide-scanning business and operate it 6 hours a day, 5 days a week (in which case, I buy the Nikon, no?)

I recognize that there are a lot of questions here - feel free to respond to a subset.

I also recognize that there are many reasonable approaches that I have already considered and ruled out. I hope I have made it clear what I have already decided and what I need help on. If you are still reading - thank you.

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-Kenneth Sloan

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