Which "Nifty" 50mm ?

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Re: Which "Nifty" 50mm ?

What are you shooting? Sharpness on all them is very good stopped down. Sharpness in corners is not good on any of them wide open.

For general street photography the 35 1.8 AF-S is pretty darn good and is cheap. Wide open it is sharper with better color and contrast than the 50 1.8D.

I have those both plus a Sigma 50 1.4. It is big for street candids, but that is fine for me because my preferred street lens is a 70-200vr.

The 50 1.4G Nikkor is sharper wide open than the 1.8 but do you really want millimeter DOF?

If you are getting candid action, the little 1.8D is actually pretty fast focusing. The 50 1.4G and 1.8G are slow. My big Sigma is fast and the 35 1.8 is pretty quick.

Stopping down to 2.8 on the 50 1.8D starts getting pretty nice, at f/4 the 35 and 50 are about the same. Sharpness in that range is not an issue with any of the primes.
What you want to shoot would determine what is the best one for you.

If people shooting, any of the 50s requires getting back to get full length images, because on a DX they have the field of view of a 75mm short telephoto.

Let us know why you want a 50 in the first place, maybe another FL would be better for a crop sensor field of view for your subject.
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