Which "Nifty" 50mm ?

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Re: Take your pick...

Wow, beautiful picture. From what I have heard the 1.4G is not as sharp @ 1.8 as the 1.8G is @ 1.8. Naturally everything gets sharper as you stop it down. Take for example your beautiful pic, it's stopped down to f8. My thought is if you need to stop down a 1.4 to a f4 to get a really sharp image.. then what was the point of paying the extra for a 1.4

Getting a D lens doesn't bother me, except it seems the new trend is to make the G lens version slightly better optically. In fact many of the D lens are said to focus faster.. naturally that is body dependent.

I am one of those idiots looking for the perfect lens.. only a small part of me is willing to see that in lens design there are always trade-offs.

There is the interesting point that I could get a 35mm 1.8G AND a 50mm 1.8G for the same price as the 50mm1.4G

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