Lens Hood for D3100?

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Re: Lens Hood for 55-200mm VR

All this feedback you got from all of the guys above should be turned into a manual. We can call it "The psychology of a new Nikon DSLR owner manual". All of the feedback you got is excellent. I 've read every word of it. Why? Because I'm in the exact position as you are. The only difference is that I already made my decision ( the 55-300mm VRII Nikkon lenses are on the way). But it helped me to understand something that a friend of mine ( that happens to be a pro photographer) once told me "You should stick with the kit lenses until you really really get bored of them. Then you can buy the lenses you really need". Wise words. I bought my D3100 last November with only the 18-55mmVRII kit lenses. Shot more than 20,000 photos. Now the time has come to go one step forward. I learned my camera well ( I believe) but still I have a lot to learn ( I don't think I will ever say : "OK now I know everything").

This is just my way of thinking. Thanks for creating this very very useful thread ( which triggered the more experienced Nikon owners to share their thoughts with us (us=newbies).


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