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re: tbcass about 24MP on APS-C

tbcass wrote:

My final word to you is this. You are being very closed minded about this. Sorry but there is a lot of conflicting evidence on this.

From the beginning I have based my words on practical evidence rather than absolute theories. I shared some of that evidence. I have limited my words to said context and the fact that in absolute terms, for example read noise still plays a factor (read: if you push beyond certain limits).

I even explained those limits later on, again based on practical tests with current technology.

That's not being close minded, that's looking at the practical evidence within the context, the latter being 24MP on an APS-C sized sensor. Others have for example made claims based on false facts (never presented), absolute facts that are rather irrelevant in the discussion (say going beyond limits that aren't even in sight the next years) or a mixture of assumptions. Guess which category you fall into.

Can improved technology overcome the negative effects of greater pixel density combined with smaller pixel size. Yes up to a point but it cannot go on forever.

I already stated (several times) there are obviously limitations, but for DSLR's they are nowhere near in sight with current technology. Certainly not with 24MP on APS-C.

Just like processor speeds hit a road block at about 3.6 Ghz resulting in the necessity to go to multicore processing there are limits to pixel density. Your efforts to dismiss all evidence that cortradicts your beliefs along with trying to counter every post that disagrees with you smacks of religious dogma. You can have the last word which I'm sure you will.

What strikes is me that all the practical evidence that was presented in the thread and the evidence that was actually relevant to the context (24MP on APS-C sized sensor) was ignored by quite a few people, yourself included.

I gave my reasons why certain sources mentioned were rather irrelevant to the discussion (based on old technology, based on absolute limitations rather than the limited bandwith that was the context, based on a different spatial scale, etc.).

In other words, your last words seem to rather apply to yourself here.

Have a good day.

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